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ddclient config for namecheap

Ok so I was hitting my head on the desk trying to figure this out even after chatting with namecheap. I’m guessing what they were trying to tell me to do was for a different version number of ddclient or they just didn’t know.

I have tested this on two systems with two different versions of ddclient both work.

Distro ddclient
Slackware 14 3.8.1
CentOS 6.2 3.7.3
Raspbian (wheezy) 3.8.0

Don’t add quotes around the password or add commas/backslashes after each line.

The only thing you really need to look at is the namecheap section at the bottom of my complete ddclient.config file below. I also give a full example to help with any confusion that might happen.

Due to a bug in ddclient any identical subdomains under different domains will be ignored and only the last one updated unless you patch it. You can find more information about the bug and how to patch it here.


daemon=600                              # check every 600 seconds make sure
syslog=yes                              # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root                               # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root                       # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient.pid               # record PID in file.
ssl=yes                                 # use ssl-support.

## To obtain an IP address from Web status page make sure daemon checks a minimum of 600 other wise dyndns might block your client from getting the ip.
use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org/, web-skip='IP Address' # found after IP Address

## NameCheap (namecheap.com)
password=DNSPASSWORD #Do not add single/double quotes

Example for the site google.com with the host of dev (dev.google.com).

## NameCheap (namecheap.com)
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