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Get rid of all those annoying youtube channels

2013-08-01 Leave a comment

So there are some lower quality channels or just plain annoying and often these show up because they are so popular(?).

After being sick of seeing those channels I found out there is a greasemonkey script which hides those channels they don’t make youtube functional as if you blacklisted the channels but basically hide the HTML elements on the page or if you click a link that someone sent you of a video and it is one in your list, it replaces the video with a message saying this was one of your banned channels.

The only down side is I can’t sync it over my different firefox profiles on each system I use, hence why I made this post to save the list of user channels I want to block as well as the userscript URL so I can always find it again.

The script is rightfully named “Hide annoying youtubers from your YouTube!”

My list:

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